All participants of the Home Education Network of
Geneva, must complete the Participant's Inquiry Form
(PIF).   This Form allows the Coordinator to plan the
Network meetings and ensure the meeting program
is adequately suited to ALL attending participants.

This form, together with the following accompanying
information, should be submitted to the Network prior
to attending any Network Meetings. If the PIF has not
been submitted prior to the Meeting, it should be
completed at the meeting and handed to the

In addition to the Participant's Inquiry form, it is a
requirement of your participation in the HENG that you
provide copies of all your written correspondence with
the relevant authorities.

Participant's Inquiry Form
If you live in Geneva, this will entail:

1.     The initial request to the relevant Government department of your intention to homeschool;
2.     The response received from the Swiss education authority;
3.     A copy of the completed “Enseignement à Domicile” form; and
4.     The approval letter you received from Département de l’instruction publique.

For those participants who live outside the Geneva canton, or in France, please provide whatever
correspondence you have sent and received from your relevant authority together with your
Participant’s Inquiry Form. If unique or alternative arrangements are sought and approved by the
relevant authorities, please ensure that these details are provided with your Participant’s Inquiry

The form is available for download in two formats:

1.        To download the form in PDF format
Click here
2.        To download the form in Microsoft Excel format.
Click here

After completing the Participant's Inquiry Form please send an introductory email to and we will reply with the address to send it.