Vision and Purpose for the Network

The Home Education Network of Geneva (HENG) is a nonprofit organization
providing free educational information, as pertaining to home education, to
prospective home educators, and participants of the Network. The goals of the
Network are:

1.   To provide an opportunity for participants to communicate and meet each other     
       through Network meetings
2.   Be a central point from which participants can be connected and linked based on
     geographical area, language and individual situations.
3.   To be a springboard from which participants may start their own support groups;
4.   To provide educational support to the home education community through
    providing resources at the Network meetings.

The network strives to provide this support in an atmosphere of respect,
inclusiveness, and acceptance through Internet communications, Network
meetings, Start-up Evenings and educational material.

To download a copy of the entire HENG Guidelines please
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guidelines are in Microsoft ® WORD format.

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